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Mammoth gravity battles is a turn based strategy/artillery game with high quality 3d graphics and featuring 2D and 3D levels, multiple  weapons, four player battles and a story driven campaign. Similar to death star battles/gravity wars you aim the shots from your  mammoth ships and watch as they fly in all three dimensions pulled by the gravity of the stars, planets, asteroids, moons and black holes  in each sector. Currently being developed, for release in 2013 on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, Windows PC,  Windows 8 RT, Ouya, Mac and Linux.
Mammoth space battles is an update to my earlier Death Star battles, but with improved graphics. It is a browser based turn and is written  in Silverlight, you will need the addin installed in order to play it.  
Death star battles is a browser based turn based strategy/artillery game written in 2003. It is written in java as an applet, you will need  java installed in order to play it. You control death star battle stations, aiming their powerful weapons at each other. You shots are effected  by gravity, last station alive wins. Watch out for black holes, wormholes or even stranger celestial objects. 
Light cycle duel is a simple web version of the tron lightcycle game, written in 2003. Up to six players can use the keyboard to control light  cycles avoiding the other cycle trails, hold a key down to go faster. Lots of different settings to keep the game varied - obstacles, computer  controled enemies, arena borders, game size and speed.