Light Cycle Duel - a multiplayer java game

A java applet version of the tron light cycle game for up to 6 players.

Play in 700x500 window

You will need javascript and java to be enabled in order to play.

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This is a java version of the classic tron light cycle game, here for up to 6 human players simultaneously with some computer players thrown in for good measure. I don't think there are enough multiplayer java games about, especially those with simultaneous 2 player (or more) gameplay. I used to love any simultaneous 2 player games on my old commodore c64 and my amiga. Anyway somebody likes this game as those nice people at gamespotter have awarded it game of the week! I intend to add several features and improvements including tornament mode, teams and improving the AI which is quite passive at the moment. If you like this then try my other games aswell.

screenshot from the game


Your hoverbike can race at extreem speeds across the arena leaving a trail of laser light behind you. You should try and drive your opponents into a light trail, while avoiding the trails yourself. Your trails are only a certain length, but they get longer as the game progresses! Play against the computer players and up to 6 human players. Click on the various options to change them, sometimes it isn't very responsive (I expect to have that fixed soon) so you may have to click more than once to get the options to change. When you are happy with the settings you can click at the botton to start playing.


To control the bike use keys for up, down, left and right to change direction and hold that direction down to speed up. Be warned that it gets very difficult not to crash at high speed! Press escape to quit back to the menu at any time. The computer controlled players are blue.
screenshot from the game


For those that don't know, Tron is a 1982 movie by Disney, written and directed by Steven Lisberger staring Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, David Warner and Barnard Hughes. The film is about a computer hacker that is transported inside a computer by the mainframe and then forced to compete in gladiator style 'computer games'. Arguably the best part of the film is the light cycle scene where the 'programs' battle it out in an arena in a fast paced battle with laser trail producing light cycles. The scene is fantastic to watch and has influenced many films up to and including the pod race scene in Star Wars - The Fantom Menace! This java game is based on the official film arcade game that featured an above-view lightcycle scene. Many similar games have apeared on all formats since, partly because it is such a simple game to program up! Similar in gameplay is the old favourite, snake, which now enjoys the most fame as a mobile phone game!
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There are quite a few good versions of this one around out there, especially impressive are the 3D ones which are definately worth a go. The following are other light cycle type games you can download: And all these are java (and 1 shockwave) versions.
screenshot from the game


If you are having problems getting the game working there are a few things you can try. Firstly make sure java and javascript are enabled, this is in the options or preferences which you can get to from your browsers menu. Finally the software is not tested on all systems and although java applets are generally pretty safe, you do use it at your own risk.
screenshot from the game

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